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Thai Girls Travelling to Australia

Tips for Travelling to Australia from Thailand

When travelling for the first time to Australia. Some partners express concerns for their Thai girlfriends. Often the Thai Girlfriends haven’t traveled to Australia before, or even to another country. Some men express concerns, thinking it can be quite a process for them to experience.  It can be a daunting experience for some who have not traveled before. We must also remember that the airport has many signs, and all airports have helpful staff who can help with directions and general information. I think everyone of us at some time has asked for help in an Airport. The process isn’t so scary as many might think.

Leaving Thailand

Most people fly out of (swampy) Suvarnabhumi Bangkok. This is a huge airport and it’s always busy. Usually the crowds are everywhere. It’s best to allow time for check in of at least 2 hours before your flight. A little hint I always follow, is to check in online before arrival. Then it’s just a simple case of bag drops. The people line up on Thai airways for check in, is always 100 plus deep. When checking in, the attendant checks your passport against your visa grant number. There’s no need for paperwork, as your visa is attached electronically to your passport. However, we always advise taking your visa grant letter just in case there’s an issue. A common mistake is some Thai Passport’s use the letter O at the front of the passport. Yet it looks like a zero elsewhere else in the passport. Therefore with this in mind, they can’t find your visa if they have mistakenly typed the zero instead of O. Don’t stress, they will check again. Having your visa grant letter helps, as your visa grant would show the O correctly.

Once your Thai girlfriend has checked in, the rest is smooth sailing. Proceed through immigration. Thai passport holders get to use the quick lane for exiting immigration in Thailand. Then go down to the gate. Don’t forget to ask her to grab you some duty free on her way. Now with Thai airways using the A380 dreamliner, buses are required from the gate to plane. Allow time for this. The gates become empty pretty quick as most head straight to the bus. Don’t forget the 100ml of liquid rule and also make sure no sharp objects for on board luggage. Once on the plane, enjoy the quick trip to Australia.

Arriving in Australia

It’s important to note the arrival card issued by customs. It’s a legal document and should be completed honestly. If you lie on your arrival card, in extreme circumstances you can have your visa cancelled. It’s best to be 100% truthful and declare all items on the arrival card. You can’t get into trouble for declaring items to customs. However, If you don’t declare prohibited items and they are found, you can find yourself it trouble. Be sure any food is declared no matter how small it is.

See the arrival card in Thai. You can ask the airline for one in Thai language to better understand what is required. You will also find them before arriving at Australian immigration once your off the plane.

Arrival Card Thai English Australia

Arrival Card In Thai


With this information provided, your Thai Girlfriends trip to Australia should be easy and smooth. Welcome to Australia.


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