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Student Visas for Thai Nationals -Study in Australia

Thai Visa
Australia offers some of the best tertiary education providers in the world. We can help Thai students gain visa entry to study in Australia.

Many education providers offer different levels of study and because of this we have different visas for the type of study you plan to do. Some common visas including study english, basic ELICO’s English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students. This helps a Thai national learn english.

There are several options for Thai undergraduate students and Thai students also looking to do postgraduate studies. We can provide the best options for your studies. The Visa process now offers streamlined processing and places an assessment on students to determine what stream and visa they will be eligible for.

Melbourne Univeristy Thai association

ANU For Thai Students

Thai Visa

Your Thai Girlfriend Can Study English in Australia

A common pathway for your Thai Girlfriend to come to Australia and stay longer then a tourist visa is a student visa. We can have her arrive on a student visa to study english ELICOS. Most TAFE instituions offer ELICOS with no formal education needed. It’s an opportunity for her to learn english and better understand our culture. A student visa also allows for her to work a certain amount of hours per week. Most ELICOS courses offer part-time study whilst she can also work giving her the ability to adapt to our way of life.

We can help you with this visa and we work with TAFE colleges to make a smooth application for visa. We can help with the assessment required and the information need to complete this type of visa.


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