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Sponsor Thai Girlfriends/Wifes/Partners Visa

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Sponsor Thai Girlfriends/Wifes/Partners Visa

When applying for a Visa to Australia. The Australian government looks to see if you have funds to support yourself to ensure there is no cost to the Australian taxpayer. This includes the costs of general finances, accommodation, and also the cost of flight tickets. Often your Thai partner will have little funds or no funds to support themselves. You then have the option of sponsoring your Thai girlfriend or wife. The visa application process allows for you the Australian citizen to sponsor them.

Tourist Visa Sponsor

When we complete a tourist visa application we can allocate you as the sponsor. By doing this you can choose to support your Thai partner financially and also with accommodation and flights etc. Many of our clients choose to do this.

Be aware, if you do sponsor your Thai partner on a tourist visa, your partner will have a condition 8503 “no futher stay” imposed. Therefore they will not be eligible to apply for a longer stay in Australia whilst in Australia. They will have to return to Thailand before the visa expires.

It does not affect future applications.

Partner Visa Sponsor

When applying for a Partner Visa for your Thai wife or defacto partner, you will have to provide support and show the Australian government you are willing to meet the financial costs with your partner coming to Australia.

As a partner sponsor you ensure that any costs including medical are covered by yourself. This adds weight to your application and will help the Department of Immigration and Border protection make their decision about your partner coming to Australia.

We at Thai Visa Australia can advise the most appropriate action in regards to sponsoring your partner.


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