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Visa Refusal

Thai Girlfriend Visa Refused

Australian Visa Refused

Visa Refusal

If your Thai wife or Thai girlfriends visa is refused, we at Thai Visa can help find an alternate solution.

Being an Australian Registered Migration Agent requires us to undergo constant training both at university and in the field. We are trained and qualified to examine your needs and requirements under Australian migration law.

Often when things go wrong people don’t know where to turn.

Enlisting our help to solve a visa refusal can bring positive results. We have had cases where clients have done visa applications themselves and had them refused. Visa refusal can have dire consequences,  once an application is refused it can sometimes impact on further applications. If things go really wrong, your Thai partner could be banned from further visa applications.

Depending on the visa applied for, you maybe able to apply for review by the Migration division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). Be sure you contact us immediately as strict timeframes often apply. Let Thai Visa help you.



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